The Perfect Gift

Posted on August 05 2014

We are always conflicted on what gifts to take a friend or family members when asked to come over to their home for the first time or even on different occasions. When searching for the perfect gift, you think to yourself they have "everything"and just when you think you found something, the thought comes to you " will they like it"? Aside from the occasional box of macaroons from Bottega Louie from Downtown LA which is my absolute favorite, my second most coveted gift to receive from friends are coffee table books. Coffee table books are special because they are designed to indicate the level of sophistication one has when choosing that special book to bring as a gift. It displays taste and thoughtfulness. Even though most people think that coffee table books aren't meant to be read, I find them to be exquisite and informative with the paragraphs that accompany the photos when flipping the pages. It gives you well rounded information among the company of good friends, while the information read by the person viewing the book may strike a great conversation that bring people together. One special book that I ordered for my shop  which I think every woman should have,  is Giambattista Valli by Rizzoli publications. The cover of this book is made with textured fabric that makes this book extra special and adds a bit of chic to your environment.     Inside you will find a collaboration of this amazing fashion designer's photos of his beautiful vibrant colors he uses on his fashion designs. As you go through the pages you will discover Giambattista's thoughts, likes and personal notes on his illustrations and you can see why he has achieved his status as a designer along side his colleagues like Valentino, Prada and others in that category.

      Owning something special like this book will always be cherished by person who receives it. You can never go wrong with such a gift, the person receiving it will always think of you every time someone picks it up or they glance at it.  Next time you are out looking for what hostess gift to buy, think of a coffee table book as a possibility.


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