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It was destiny for Larissa Love to become a fashion and accessory designer. As an extension of her talented designing family, Love's "love" for designing goes back several generations. Growing up as a young girl in Europe, Love's first taste for designing started when she would travel with her father throughout Europe visiting world wide celebrity designers like Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. She would become excited to see the final product of their fine craftsmanship of leather goods. At that moment, she knew that she wanted to be a part of that amazing phenomenon of taking an idea created on paper and bringing it to life.

There was no escaping becoming who she was. Her youthful education of learning the fashion business came from her grandfather, a famous designer in Europe, her mother, who had a flamboyant and creative style much like Karl Lagerfeld, and a father who was the largest importer of leather goods in the middle east.

While in college, she started her first business of high-end pet boutiques in Los Angeles concentrating on specialized leather goods for pets. She was catering to unique customers who appreciated her strapping talents for quality, detailed designer accessories. With the success of her pet boutiques, her passion for bath products and fashion design grew and became more intense. So much so , that she ventured into the world of beauty and fashion.

She opened a new concept boutique that featured women's clothing and accessories, along with an apothecary in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. Throughout her career, Love has designed everything from luggage to high end dog collars to women's clothing. She always wanted to experience what she saw in the factories as a child and today; she joins the ranks of other high fashion designing entrepreneurs by focusing her efforts on her creations of luxurious African Shea Butter and natural sugar cane bath and beauty products, and her designs of fashion and accessories. Her ambitious drive has been based on her personal philosophy, that now makes her a success.

Larissa Love Cosmetics creates unique and luxurious lines of unisex bath & body products, which have been featured in all of the top beauty magazines in America. All products are made with natural & organic ingredients and proudly made in the USA.

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