Written by Lara Kajajian

As our world becomes a technology craving society, I find myself joining the mass group to get to know my readers and connect on a personal level.  I have always wanted to write a blog but have always been nervous, partly because I am not seeing the person on the other side of my computer reading my experiences and what they would think after they have read my viewpoint of these wonderful adventures.  It is very difficult for me to share my thoughts, not because I don't want to but because my mind is always constantly working and jumping to the next thing before I finish the thought before the one that has jumped at me.

Now that I am ready, I feel really excited to get to know the reader across the web.  So as I embark on this new adventure with you, I hope you will be so kind to bare with me as I learn how to place my thoughts together as I share with you all my experiences and all the wonderful things I found for you to easily obtain through my blog. 

Thank You in advance for your support, I am appreciative of you taking the time to read my posts and getting to know me.

Best Wishes